Journey To Serenity 2016

The 2016 Saskatchewan Al-Anon Adult Children Festival,

"Journey to Serenity" is coming October 28 & 29


2016 Theme: Awareness - Acceptance - Action

Kickoff Speaker: Jenny B., Regina, SK

AA Speaker: TBA  

Keynote Speaker: Cissy C., Alabaster, AL

2016 Flyer

2016  Registration Form 

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  • Speakers were excellent especially the 10 x 4.

  • Very relaxed, comfortable atmosphere which shows how well organized the event was.

  • Excellent

  • Listening to the speakers gave me insight into my life.

  • Enjoyed the workshops. The speakers were awesome.

  • All of the speakers and workshops were great. Enjoyed the workshops and meetings on relationships most.

  • Wanted to go to everything. It was difficult to choose which workshop/meeting.

  • The variety was excellent. Each story was heartfelt and touching.

  • The acceptance workshop was "great".

  • The workshops were very well organized €“ better than I have experienced at assembly.

  • Very good! it was packed full but enjoyable, educational day, even the mixers were great!!!

  • Keep doing what you're doing! It was awesome!

  • Thank you for sharing your life stories. Each one was moving and made me think about getting deeper into recovery.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!

  • Dynamic enthusiastic speakers

  • Keep coming back! They were all great.

  • Great talks. Got the message of recovery out of their talks.

  • Thank you for being God's channel and being willing to carry the message. I'm grateful for the information and the healing.

  • I have been in the program four years and don't feel I've even started the journey so I enjoy it all. I need all the help I can get so I'll be back.

  • This festival has woken up thoughts and feelings which I have been burying. As uncomfortable as those feelings are, it will be better in the long run. It's only recently that I've discovered I am an adult child. Keep up the excellent work!

  • I'm overwhelmed today but it has given me much to think on for a long while. I'm very glad I took the opportunity to attend. Thank you all.

  • If any criticism perhaps tried to cram too much into one weekend but can't please everyone!

  • You guys did a super terrific job of putting this together. Thanks. Extremely beneficial.

  • 4 x 10 fabulous! I really liked these short sharings. Do that again.

  • Thank you for all the hard work!!! God bless you ? We luv u!

  • The workshops as usual were very productive. Appreciate the handouts.

  • Much gratitude for all who worked so hard to plan this event. Thanks to the speakers for giving of their time (service).

  • All the speakers and workshop people were so helpful and good to listen to. I bought their tapes and hope to get the information I missed.

  • Seeing others and experiences they have gone through were just great. A very positive experience. Well organized!!!

  • I didn't know what to expect, but this exceeded what I thought I would learn. A terrific experience!

  • Phenomenal job, very organized, warm and nurturing. You all ROCK and deserve serious credit. Seriously looking forward to my communication with my sponsor, my journey and next year's festival.

  • Awesome! What a great learning experience.

  • The workshops were great! Awesome speakers.

  • Well balanced weekend with workshops, speakers, fun and meetings available.

  • I felt there was an excellent mix of topics, workshops and speakers.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you

  • I can't say enough about how much these speakers have impacted me and how much I have learned from all of them.

  • Hope to return next year. This has been a life changing experience for me. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality!

Journey to Serenity 2013:

Bryson J. (Al-Anon Kick-off Speaker, Los Angeles CA)

4 By 10: Four Ten Minute Speakers (Melissa, Christina B., Shannon O., Sharon P.)

Sean C. (AA Speaker - Saturday Afternoon)

Acceptance is the Key: Three 10-minute speakers (Randy, Ann, Dawn)

Gerry V Disc 1.: (Banquet Speaker - Saturday Evening)
Gerry V Disc 2.: (Banquet Speaker - Saturday Evening)


The Road to Reality: A Workshop on Honesty (Kim M., Michelle R.)

Shaking the Family Tree: The Family Disease of Alcoholism (Gerry, Tammy, Bill, Bryson)

Taking the High Road: Applying these Principles in All Our Affairs (Frankie S.)

Journey to Serenity 2012:

Nick L. (Al-Anon Kick-off Speaker)

4 By 10: Four Ten Minute Speakers (Shelley M., Stacey P., Bruce M., Bill M, Ian B.)

Together We Can Make It (Mark C., Joy B)

Michelle R. (AA Speaker - Saturday Afternoon)

Kathy H: (Banquet Speaker - Saturday Evening)


Steps 1-6:  (Gilles P., Christina B.)

Steps 7-12: (Blair G, Sharon P.)

Communication: (Karen K. & Ritchard I.)

Sponsorship Workshop: (Kathy H.)

Journey to Serenity 2011:

Sandy L. (AA Speaker - Saturday Afternoon)

Chuck L.: (Banquet Speaker - Saturday Evening)

Journey to Serenity 2010:

4 By 10: Four Ten Minute Speakers (Micki J., Rhonda M., Louise B., Hartley J.)

Charlie W (Al-Anon Speaker - Saturday Morning)

Al H (AA Speaker - Saturday Afternoon)

Four More By Ten (James M., Phyllis G., Kim M., Rochelle I.)

Magdalena E.: (Banquet Speaker - Saturday Evening)


The Family Disease of Alcoholism  (Ritchard I.)

Using the Steps (Madgalena E.)

Screwed Up Slogans: (Charlie W.)

Journey to Serenity 2009: Hope For Today

4 By 10: Four Ten Minute Speakers (Michelle H., Lanna V., Alia H., Margaret P.)

Kitty R (Al-Anon Kick-off Speaker -Friday Night)

Hope for Today: Four More by Ten (Saturday Morning - Terry S., Scott, Ian B., Ruthann T.)

Ron W: (AA Speaker - Saturday Afternoon)

Sherry S: (Banquet Speaker - Saturday Evening)


Practicing These Principles  (Ritchard I.)

Progress Not Perfection (Sherry S)

Promises for Recovery Kitty R 

Journey to Serenity 2008: LIVING One Day At A Time

Right click on the links below to download recordings from some of the sessions at the Festival:


Josiah B. (Kick-Off Speaker - Friday Evening)

4 By 10: Four Ten Minute Speakers (Lori P. / George S. / Emmet J. / Carynne K.)

Barb L. (Al-Anon Speaker - Saturday Morning)

Judith R. (AA Speaker - Saturday Afternoon)

Ellen C.: (Banquet Speaker - Saturday Evening)


LET GO OR BE DRAGGED: Using Steps 1, 2 &3 to Avoid Spiritual Road Rash (Ritchard I.)

SHARING THE ROAD: A Workshop on Relationships (Ellen C.)

GET A GUIDE... BE A GUIDE: The Sponsorship Relationship (Josiah B.)

CLAIMING YOUR SIDE OF THE ROAD: A Workshop on Boundaries (Ian B.)


Journey to Serenity 2007: A New Freedom

Right click on the links below to download recordings from some of the sessions at the Festival:


John P (Al-Anon Adult Children Speaker - Friday evening)

Carynne K (Al-Anon Speaker - Saturday morning)

Jacquie M (AA Speaker - Saturday afternoon)

Larcine G (Keynote speaker - Saturday Evening)

NOTE: The last 14 minutes of this track became corrupted. We apologize for the inconvenience, but the first 51 minutes is excellent.


WHAT AM I TAKING WITH ME?: A Workshop on Inventory (Ritchard I.)

LIGHTENING THE LOAD: A Workshop on Forgiveness (Sharon P.)

THE WAITING ROOM: A Panel Discussion by Larcine G., Sharon P., John S. (AA), and Mary V.

The 2006 Saskatchewan Al-Anon Adult Children Festival

Right click on the links below to download recordings from some of the sessions at the Festival:
Ben R. (Al-Anon Adult Children Speaker - Friday evening)
Judy H. (Al-Anon Speaker - Saturday morning)
Randy M (AA Speaker - Saturday afternoon)
Rick J., Toronto (Keynote speaker - Saturday Evening) Part 1 Part 2
TRAVELLING COMPANIONS: A Workshop on applying the Twelve Traditions to our Love Relationships
(Karen K and Ritchard I)
FINDING A GUIDE: A Workshop on Sponsorship (Rick J.)


For more information, contact:

Ritchard I (Festival Co-Chairperson) (306) 668-5580
Sharon P (Festival Co-Chairperson) (306) 664-6505

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